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Child Sexual Abuse Litigation

California Attorney Enforces Civil Liability for Child Sexual Abuse

Holding predators and negligent institutions accountable

Child sexual abuse is one of the most abhorrent crimes imaginable. Molestation robs children of their innocence, dehumanizes them and instills in them a crippling sense of shame. By taking legal action, a survivor can choose empowerment, which is essential to recovery. In my practice, I help victims of child molestation pursue civil remedies. These actions often come after a criminal trial has determined punishment against the immediate perpetrator. My task is to recovery monetary damages, usually against a negligent institution that failed to protect the victim. If you or your child has been a target of a child molester in California, Law Offices of Norman M. Finkelstein, APC can help you shed the victim label. I have the knowledge, skill and experience s to assert your legal rights and fight with you for justice.

Attorney dedicated to restoring dignity

In my practice, I represent adults who were molested as children and parents of molested children. I prosecute civil cases against entities that were negligent in their hiring or supervision practices, and allowed dangerous predators access to innocent children. I hold various entities accountable, including:

  • Boys and girls clubs
  • Churches, mosques and synagogues
  • Civic organizations
  • Daycare facilities
  • For profit and nonprofit corporations
  • Foster care agencies
  • Public and private schools
  • Summer camps
  • Youth sports leagues
  • Youth groups

As I work with you to build your case, you can rely on my professionalism and utmost discretion.

Experienced trial lawyer manages the challenges of sexual abuse litigation

Child sexual abuse cases can be very difficult to prove. Child victims, though sympathetic, are rarely seen as credible witnesses. A successful case requires a great deal of corroborating evidence. The law does extend the statute of limitations for child victims of sexual abuse, so that they can bring civil actions as adults. But evidence often erodes with the passage of time. However, when you choose my services, you get a determined legal professional who is committed to building the strongest case possible.

Contact an experienced attorney to discuss your legal options as a survivor of child sexual abuse

Survivors of sexual abuse deserve compensation for the harm they’ve suffered. Law Offices of Norman M. Finkelstein, APC can help you get justice and closure. Call me today at 619-308-6749 or contact me online to schedule a free consultation.

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