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Norman was a Godsend for me…

5.0 stars
Posted by Christopher
March 14, 2016

Hello, my name is Christopher A. Ackerman. In 2013 I was having horrendous back pain than pretty much immobilized me, until one day, I was completely, and permanently immobilized. Paralyzed from the belly button down, or T-9. I was laying in bed in the hospital at Scripps-Mercy Hospital, in San Diego, CA, and knew I needed a lawyer. I consulted a referral service, who highly recommended Norman M. Finkelstein, who came right to my hospital room. We had discussed a few possible outcomes for my case, if everything went well, and I hired him. Boy am I glad I did!
Well here we are, at the part where we had discussed outcomes. Our bottom line that we set, in our discussion, Norman was able to beat by 30%. In addition, my medical has all been accounted for, as well as all of my medical equipment.

I can now look forward to living my life being cared for by the best of hands. I can buy a nice little house, and live my life in comfort. Norman Finkelstein gave me my life back, and also has become a good friend to me. We are on a first name basis, Facebook friends, and laugh and joke, all the time.
I was faced with an unfortunate set of circumstances in my life, that changed everything. I was very blessed, at this time, to have made the acquaintance of, Norman Martin Finkelstein. I was extremely troubled, and my prayer’s, truly were answered.

If you are facing any sort of problem , that requires the services of an Attorney, I highly recommend Norman Finkelstein.

Elder Abuse

5.0 stars
Posted by anonymous
March 12, 2016

He worked with the whole family, which was a bit difficult at times, and brought us to a decent settlement. Did a good job of keeping us informed via email.

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